End Dumsor & Stop The Blame Games - Anim Piesie Tells Gov't

NDC Communicator, Anim Piesie has asked the Government of Ghana to stop blaming the energy situation on the previous government.

According to him, the government should focus on fixing the situation because the previous government left them with a robust energy sector.

Anim Piesie, who was commenting on the recent power cuts in the country, said on Peace FM's 'Kokrokoo' that the Mahama administration added over 800 megawatts to boost the energy sector and so, the incumbent government doesn't have any excuse to keep Ghanaians in darkness.

Anim Piesie further stated that Ghanaians voted out the Mahama government because they reposed their confidence in President Nana Akufo-Addo and his government, so they should wake up and fix the problems confronting the sector.

“The government should wake up and stop the blame games. The previous government did her best. I know that over 850 megawatts brand new installed capacity has been added to what we had. So, what happened is that if they’ve shut down FPSO and Ameri doesn’t work, I believe Ghanaians should not sleep in darkness because only 250 will be deducted.”