UPSA Students Okay SEL Fuel Station Over Safety Measures

'We are happy that the managers of the Strategic Energies Limited have installed modern safety equipment at the premises to avoid accidents in the event of any explosion’ three of the students told this reporter.

Strategic Energies Limited (SEL),one of the growing and customer oriented Oil Marketing Companies has adopted and enforced internationally approved standards in the design and construction of their UPSA filling station.

According to managers of Strategic Energies Limited, premises of Petroleum retail outlets are classified as hazardous environments and to prevent hazards associated with it, measures are put in place to prevent incidents.

The Oil Marketing Company has installed modern safety equipment at the premises. This is to avoid accidents in the event of any explosion.

A fire hydrant has also been constructed to benefit the community and its environs.

They explained that there are international bodies such as Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI), Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration (APEA), OIML that set and train on safety standards to regulate the construction and operation of fuel retail stations.

The facility installed by Strategic Energies Limited aims at ensuring the safety of consumers who purchase petroleum products at SEL retail outlets.

It was revealed that Universal Petroleum Pipe (UPP) was installed to channel product from the Tank to the Dispensers.

‘We can state authoritatively that the UPP pipe used is UL971 approved for petroleum product piping and are made up of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). The piping system has Zero leak paths’ officials of the station revealed.

It was further revealed that the UPP double wall is a type of UPP pipe used for product line connections from the UST (Underground Storage Tanks) to the inlet pipe of the Fuel dispenser. This ensured a direct bury or retrofit solution for product, vapour and vent piping to achieve secondary containment protection. This semi-rigid pipe system is flexible enough to bend on site without the need for elbow joints which prevents any possible leaks.

Touching on UST water and air tight application, ‘Tank Sumps and Entry booths are installed at SEL UPSA filling station as secondary containments to prevent water entering the tank and displacing the product to the surface causing spillage’ officials stated. 

 In addition, emergency line shut, shear valves are installed at all pipe termination under each dispenser. This valve together with the Hose breakaway valves prevents uncontrolled product oozing in the unlikely event of a seismic activity or fire outbreak. Flame Arresters are fitted on all UST vent pipes’ the reporter gathered.