Vodafone UK: "We�re Happy To Re-engage Ghana Gov't"

Vodafone UK says it is pleased to re-engage with the government of Ghana to "secure the long term future of Vodafone GT." In a press release issued on Thursday, November 5, Vodafone UK expressed relief at the government of Ghana's decision not to abrogate the GT/Vodafone contract. Read the full statement below. Vodafone welcomes the Government of Ghana�s statement on the Report of its Inter-Ministerial Review Committee and is pleased to re-engage with the Government to secure the long term future of Vodafone GT. Vodafone GT is a partnership between Vodafone and the Government. The Government�s public commitment to Vodafone GT allows the company to move forward and focus on its goal of providing world-class services to Ghanaians. Vodafone looks forward to a constructive re-engagement with the Government to find ways that Vodafone can support Ghana�s goals even more in future. Vodafone is pleased to note the Government�s statement that it will not abrogate or renegotiate the agreement. Since taking control, Vodafone has already invested GHc 600 million in strengthening the company and improving the quality of its services. Vodafone is committed to further investment in the company and its operations, including expanding and upgrading the National Communications Backbone Company. Vodafone has already extended the fibre network and plans to invest further to complete the northern ring. Vodafone conducts its affairs to the highest ethical standards of corporate behaviour. Vodafone has applied these standards to all its dealings in Ghana, and will continue to do so.