EDITORIAL: Dr. Tony Aidoo’s Loud Silence

Over the past two months, many NDC members and supporters have phoned the Daily Post to enquire about the whereabouts of Dr. Tony Aidoo, a leading member of the NDC. This stems from the fact that they have not been hearing him speak on topical issues as is usually the case nor have they been hearing him feature on Alhaji & Alhaji, a Radio Gold programme aired every Saturday. As a result of their inability to get the right answers from the Daily Post and other sources they had already tried, these anxious callers have been left with no choice than to speculate. While others say the current position he holds at the seat of government has saddled him with much more than he can chew, others opine that he had been missing in action because he has not been well. Others still believe that Dr. Aidoo has recoiled into his shell because the position offered him in this Administration is not commensurate with the leading role he played in opposition during the NDC’s heady days in opposition. This last school of thought, which seems to be holding sway argue that while the NDC was in opposition, it was people like him who risked their lives to counter the NPP’s vile propaganda against the NDC, the party’s founder, Jerry Rawlings and the then flag bearer, Prof. Atta-Mills. Either on TV or on radio, this former Deputy Defence Minister of Ghana carried the fight to the NPP many a time at the risk of his life. Dr. Tony Aidoo, on most programmes he featured, especially on the Alhaji & Alhaji programme did not only expose the lies of the NPP but educated the teeming supporters of the NDC. This was the time when many of those who believe they are the monarchs of all that they can survey in the NDC government today, went into hibernation with some even not wanting to be associated with the NDC. One cannot forget the speed with which Dr. Aidoo and a couple of NDC stalwarts thwarted the last minute attempt by the likes of Dan Botwe and Kwabena Agyapong among others to get their moles in the Electoral Commission to doctor the figures obtained by all the parties in favour of the NPP in the run-up to the declaration of the 2008 Presidential election results. So, when the NDC won the elections and Prof. Mills was sworn in as President, many expected that Dr. Tony Aidoo would be one of the people to be entrusted with a high position in government. But alas, that was not to be. In the end, he was given what many consider as a ‘job for the boys’ position. “Why was he not made a Minister?” is the usual question asked by many NDC activists when they call to enquire about Dr. Tony Aidoo. Thus, his loud silence has been attributed to the way he has been treated. Dr. Tony Aidoo himself would not agree with this view being a man of principle, a man who would not lobby for any position and a person who is true to the NDC as the thread is to the needle. Be that as it may, many are calling on him to break his eerie silence and return to action. His voice enriches programmes. His arguments appeal to common sense and his courage inspires the youth. The Daily Post is adding its plea to Dr. Tony Aidoo to bounce back. To say he is dearly missed is an understatement!