Rev Martey Was Bribed To Criticize NDC - Chairman

The immediate past moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Prof. Emmanuel Martey has been accused of taking bribe from the current government to rise to its defense and tongue lash critics.

“Prof. Martey has been given something to say it is too early to criticize government now” the Central Regional chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Bernard Allotey Jocobs alleged.

The clergyman recently told journalists it is out of place for opposition parties to criticize the Akufo-Addo led government and took a swipe at NDC members bent on criticizing the five-month old government.

“All those who are making unwise statements that Akufo-Addo has failed. …I hear some of them; they have been there for eight years and they have not been able to anything but are querying those who just came”, the vociferous clergyman was quoted as saying.

“I am calling upon those unwise people to stop querying. They should wait and pray this present government delivers”, he added

But the soft spoken Central Regional Chairman alleges Prof. Emmanuel Martey is an ardent critic of erstwhile NDC government under former President John Mahama and sympathizer of NPP might be influenced by government before coming out with his recent comments.

“We know him to be pro-NPP man after making wild allegations that former President Mahama attempted to bribe him while in office. Now, is it because NPP is looking after him this time that is why he is saying it is too early to criticize the government”, he asked on Kumasi-based Nyhria FM .

According to Mr. Allotey Jocobs, the comments from Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey are always conflicting and ridiculous

“When you start to poke your nose into certain things and you do not understand what you are saying and you conflict in your statement that is the end result; people will not respect you”

“As a former moderator of a bigger orthodox church in the country your statement should be circumspect so people will see you as statesman. But you do wake up to say things go back and come forward”, he pointed out.