People Just Waste Time Talking About Others- John Dumelo

Actor John Dumelo has taken a swipe at his critics.  

John appears to have been bruised by all the bashing he received after an attempted mockery on an innocent man genuinely working hard to make life better for himself by hawking bread in traffic.

The Actor has questioned that “What’s your business if your female friend has bought a new house? Or a car?… Let that inspire you… ”and a fan simply asked him ”what’s your business if someone is selling bread. Let it inspire you to open a bakery “

John Dumelo posted the sort of vilification or motivational message on his Instagram page, coaching his fans on how he turns negatives comments into a positive inspiration for himself.

He wrote:

People ask me how I deal with negative comments. I always Tell them, “see, God has given all of us 24 hours in a day, I’m using mine to achieve my set goals and be a better businessman and citizen, so if you will waste an hour to write or talk about me, who ends up “lost”?. That’s what’s happening these days. People just talk and talk about others as if there is a reward at the end of the year. What’s your business if your female friend has bought a new house? Or a car? Let that inspire you to work harder or even share ideas. Gossiping will not put food on your table. What’s your business if someone is always on a plane going somewhere or her marriage is not working out? How does that affect you?…..people only talk about others when they feel threatened. Use Gods time wisely! #dropsmic #smh #negativecommentsinpireme#happysunday