Ghanaians Hate Themselves - Bombande

The killing of Captain Maxwell A. Mahama is a clear indication of excessive hatred Ghanaians have for one another these days, Emmanuel Bombande, a security expert and former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs has said.

According to him, the level of intolerance among Ghanaians is increasing daily, a situation which requires immediate action in dealing with it.

Speaking on the development in an interview with Nana Aba Anamoah on GHOne on Tuesday May 30, Mr Bombande said: “Keep in mind that the gory pictures of Captain Mahama that have been posted all over on social media have been so insensitive and in my view it has also created a lot of the depression around the country today.”

“I think the level of intolerance in our country is increasing and we need to be able to do introspection. We need to be able to ask ourselves as a people where we have gone wrong.”

He added: “Why are we in a situation in which even women, who are procreators, do not hesitate to mete out such violence with the full knowledge that they are killing another human being and yet they will go ahead and do it the way they did with such impunity.

“I think there are more questions that [this] sadness brings and when a society is not able to ask questions, we do not acknowledge what is wrong with us, we will not be able to find the way out.

“I am saying that in our Ghanaian society we have lost compassion and there is so much hatred within us and we need to examine ourselves and find out what is going wrong.”