Minister In Rambo Show

Deputy Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing, Dr. Hannah Bissiw, created a scene when she ordered her security detail to arrest a certain Howard, said to be a driver at the Research Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The scene took place outside the view of many staff of the unit, but for the few who saw it, their memories perhaps went back to classic thrillers of years gone by when a former president ordered his security detail to overturn a taxi in Rambo style. Incidentally, Dr Bissiw is a close associate of the Rambo former president, having been his former spokesperson. It was last week at the Ridge traffic light where the deputy minister ordered her driver to chase the other motorist, who is a veteran Committee for the Defence of the Revolution (CDR) man, for allegedly jumping a red light at the intersection. The pursuit led to the façade of the Research Department where her security detail finally got the man and forced him to follow them to an unknown destination. It was thought strongly however that they could have gone to a nearby police station. But Daily Guide checks at the Ministries Police Station drew a blank, as sources said no such case was reported there. Attempts to reach her failed to draw any response, on the ‘citizen arrest’ of the driver. When the chips are finally down, it would be difficult to determine which of the two is more powerful. The driver, being a veteran CDR man, is well connected; and the deputy Minister who is a Cuban-trained veterinary doctor, wielding power derived through her strong links to Ridge, is a strong force. An anonymous source recalled how together with two senior officers, one now in Toronto and the other in London, the CDR man wielded arbitrary power in the Research Department. Ms. Hannah Bissiw recently picked a Landcruiser from the Ghana Water Company for temporary use because she claimed her official car had been sent for servicing. The vehicle has been with her for about a month now, fueling suspicions that it would not be returned anytime soon, if at all. In the car and bungalow seizure days, Dr. Bissiw was very active on air with embarrassing remarks about past government officials who had not vacated their government accommodation. In one of her epic orders, she asked an official of the previous regime to pay for his wife’s use of a government bungalow to prepare “shito” for export.