Inside Messi's Lavish Wedding: Bride's Dress Arrived On Private Jet With Two Bodyguards

Leo Messi, the world's greatest footballer, marries his childhood sweetheart today in a lavish Argentinian ceremony – and has left nothing to chance.

More than 250 friends and family - including some of football's biggest stars - have jetted to Argentina, cars are waiting at the airport to whisk them to the venue while the bride's dress arrived from Spain by private jet accompanied by two bodyguards.

At the plush hotel complex where the couple will marry, mobile phones have been banned, staff sworn to secrecy and 450 police officers drafted on duty.

However there is one aspect which may overshadow the 30-year-old Barcelona star's big day – claims in Argentina of tension between his close-knit family and the woman he fell in love with at the age of five.

A source close to the Messi family has told MailOnline that relations between his family and fiancée Antonella Roccuzzo have been strained for nearly seven years. 

The friend said that while the two families might appear united during tonight's luxurious celebrations there has been tension in the past.

Messi and Antonella, who have two sons, have chosen to get married in their home town of Rosario, northern Argentina, where they grew up together.

The friend, who knew the Messi family before the footballer became famous and accompanied them on their first trips to Barcelona, said bad feeling first emerged in 2010, before the South Africa World Cup.

He said: 'An Argentinian interviewer was talking to Messi's mum about her and her husband going over to South Africa to see Messi play.

'He mentioned that Antonella was already there, and she declared: 'Antonella, Antonella, who's Antonella?

'It caused tension in the family, and Messi told his parents to stay in Argentina. The two families have struggled to be amicable since then. 

The two families are staying apart at the same hotel during tonight's wedding celebrations, with the Messi family renting one floor and Antonella's family another, claimed respected news site

Argentina's Noticias website also reports that the family fell out with the bride to be. 

But the Messi family dismissed reports of a feud between the families as 'nonsense'.

A friend of the star added: 'The relationship between the families is really good, they get on really well and that's why they are getting married today.

'Claims that they it is not are absolutely false. Last night, for example, there was a cocktail at the hotel where both families where having dinner together and talking to each other, laughing, making jokes.'

On Thursday some of the world's most famous soccer stars arrived in Rosario aboard 12 private jets and with guaranteed VIP entrance into Rosario, few people noticed another private plane touch down in the town.

It is understood the plane was carrying the wedding dress - accompanied by two bodyguards - in which Antonella will walk down the aisle.

The dress, as well as two others the bride will wear during the night, was made by designer Rosa Clara, who has also dressed Eva Longoria, Sofia Vergara and the Queen of Spain.

Slightly awkwardly perhaps, most of the WAGS attending the wedding have chosen the same designer.

Luis Suarez's wife Sofia Balbi, Sergio Busquet's partner Elena Galera, Jordi Alba's fiancée Roma Ventura and Xavi Herdandez's wife Nuria Cunillera will all be wearing Rosa Clara dresses for the occasion.