PNC calls for speedy investigation of member's death

The People's National Convention (PNC), on Tuesday called on the security agencies to step up investigations to ascertain who are behind the assassination of its Election 2008 parliamentary candidate for Nalerigu, Mr Moses Alando. The National Chairman, Alhaji Ahmed Ramandan and the General Secretary, Mr Anbataayela Bernard Mornah, in joint statement to the Ghana News Agency in Accra described the death as an unfortunate and a dastardly incident. The PNC leadership, therefore, called on government to show optimal interest in the case "because if it is not well investigated and justice ensured, it has the tendency to spiral out of control with consequences which may not be desirable". "We say this guided by the near-chaos situation that greeted news of his demise in Nalerigu, on November 12," the statement said. It said even though the party trusted in the capacity of the security to unravel the mystery, "we must also state that this should be done as soon is humanly practicable". The statement said: "The longer this takes, the greater the possibility of justice being strangled thereby prolonging the state of insecurity among citizens. "We also wish to once again express our sincerest condolences to the bereaved family. We pray that they are given the necessary strength and fortitude to stand this tide of trial and agony. "We assure them we will be with them physically and spiritually throughout these hard moments." The statement appealed to all PNC members in the constituency to remain calm, stressing "indeed, not only has the death of our beloved comrade and compatriot shocked every member of the PNC family, it has also heightened our concerns about the guaranteed safety of those of us still living given the circumstance under which he died".