Demand Accountability From Prez Mills – Rawlings Tells NDC

Former President Jerry Rawlings has charged NDC party faithful to be courageous in demanding accountability from the government. The former President said there was no point in complaining about unfulfilled promises without a courageous attempt to confront government. Speaking to NDC constituency chairmen drawn from twenty-two constituencies in Accra last Monday, the former president said he was aware there was a lot of discontent with the ordinary supporters. “They think you constituency chairmen are comfortable. Unfortunately you are also in the same situation as they are,” the former president said. The constituency chairmen sought audience with the former President to express misgivings about the break in communication between the party and government. They were particularly concerned about the failure of the presidency to accord them audience despite repeated requests and said it was dampening the mood in the party. The spokesman for the group, Magnus Anyetei Sowah, constituency chairman for La Dadekotopon said the supporters had spent years working for the party to return to power but unfortunately the synergy between government and party had totally broken down. Sowah said the Ga constituencies had played a yeoman’s role in returning the NDC into power and it was unacceptable that they were being ignored in such a shabby manner. He mentioned how some members of government had threatened them not to speak publicly about their disenchantment or face their wrath. Former President Rawlings said he noted fundamental mistakes right from the onset of the Mills administration and publicly pointed them out to ensure that matters did not escalate but unfortunately nothing had been done about it and rather some have been trying to insinuate that he harbours presidential ambitions. “We have brought people into our midst who are unknown to the party, people we do not know. If we do not wake up to correct the mistakes I will not have anything to do with the party. I have died so many times for the party, been humiliated both locally and internationally. I cannot die for the greedy (ones) who have wormed their way into government. “Let us wake up and take our destiny into our own hands. When we won I thought I could retire and write my memoirs but I am not being allowed to. I have suffered humiliation, assassination attempts, and abuse and now I am facing the same with my party’s government? “We seem to be afraid to right the wrongs of the past and now the criminals of the past government are emboldened and many have entrenched themselves in the military and other sensitive’s institutions,” the former president stated.