Akatakyie Bounces Back In Style

After going into hiatus for some time, hiplife duo Akatakyie are back on the scene with two new singles, Only Baba and Ashawo.

The two, made up of Prince Kwabena Budu Asamani (Kobby Culture) and Ebenezer Kwasi Okyere Asamani (Pharoah) are optimistic that the two singles will fly because they are receiving appreciable airplay since they were released two weeks ago.
In an interview with Showbiz last Wednesday, they said “Wherever we went with copies of our songs, we were warmly received giving us the indication that we have been missed. The radio presenters said they have waited for us for so long so they were happy to have seen us and that was encouraging and made us feel appreciated.”

Only Baba gives praises to God as the solver of all problems and encourages the down-hearted not to give up but to look up to God.

Some of the lyrics in the song goes like: “No matter the problem, you go rise again, he who has been blessed by God cannot be destroyed by man. Once you are not dead, you do not know what will come your way so don’t give up.”

Ashawo on the other hand is a song that speaks against promiscuity and advises those involved in it to put a stop to it. It urges all cheating partners to remain faithful. It is a very danceable song with well -arranged instrumentation.

The two songs were produced by Las Vegas Productions and has Kwesi Alhaji as the Executive Producer.

Talking of their long absence, the Odo Esisi Me hitmakers said they took time off to see to other stuff and also study the music scene “our observation of the music scene is that the guys are doing well but they seem to have forgotten our rhythm in their works so we will entreat them to go for our own,” they said.

The visibly excited duo took the opportunity to assure their fans that they are back to stay: “we are bringing them nothing but good music, good lyrics and the very best of us,” they said.