Barclays Banks cleans up Bolgatanga

The Staff of the Barclay Bank in the Upper East Region at the Weekend embarked on a four-hour clean-up exercise in the Bolgatanga Municipality and its surroundings. The exercise which was supported by the Staff of Zoom Lion Company Limited started at 6 a.m and ended at The clean up exercise covered the main lorry station, principal streets as major gutters in the Municipality were also de-silted. Speaking to the Ghana News Agency after the exercise, the Branch Manager of Barclays Bank in charge of Upper East Region, Mr. Aweseh Ajongbah, explained that every year, the Bank undertook a community event known as "Make a Difference Day" where they have to perform a duty that was very crucial to the catchment area of the bank. He indicated that this year the Upper East Branch of the Bank decided to embark on cleanliness since it was one of the major problem confronting the Region and for that matter the country. He expressed dissatisfaction about the poor sanitary conditions in the Municipality, especially the indiscriminate disposal of waste including sachet water wraps by passengers at bus terminals and on roads and appealed to them to keep the waste into litter bins provided at the vantage points. He noted that if people observed good sanitation practices the incidence of sickness including common diseases such as malaria and cholera would be minimized if not eradicated. He pointed out that the huge national health bill would be reduced if people paid attention to their personal and environmental health.