Gomoa Techiman: Gov't Directs Demolition Of Basic School Building

The dilapidated primary school building at Gomoa Techiman in the Central Region, which children precariously study in would be pulled down in the coming days, government has directed.

The Member of Parliament for Gomoa West, Kojo Abban announced at the 2017 annual Akwambo Festival of the chiefs and people of Gomoa Techiman last week that the school building, which has turned into death trap would likely go down by the end of August.

The directive follows Onua FM’s report about the poor nature of the school which prompted the headmaster to threaten that he will close down the school if nothing was done about the weak infrastructure.

Meanwhile, following the MP’s announcement that it would be pulled down, civil engineers have since visited the school to assess the current condition and to also determine where the new building would probably be sited.

Lawyer Kojo Abban, who is an executive member of the Gomoa West District Assembly, indicated to 3news.com that the school was in tattered state when he visited after the media reports.

He mentioned that a firm has been given the contract to rebuild the school but could not readily recall the name of the contractor. Mr. Abban pointed out the importance of school, emphasising that majority of his MP’s Common Fund would be used to improve education in his constituency.

“Education is my number one priority, education is my number two priority, education is my number three priority ahead of all other infrastructural needs,” he stated.

Nana Kwame Essoun III, the Odikro of Gomoa Techiman, decried the poor nature of the road network linking his town to other communities. Known in private life as Mr. Peter Kennedy Arkoh, the chief backed an earlier call by the MP for chiefs in the area to rally together to petition the appropriate authority to fix their road network.

He declared his readiness and that of his people to support government’s initiatives, and also appealed to the government not to disappoint the people of Gomoa Techiman in the distribution of the national cake.

Nana Kwame Essoun III further urged his people to cut down on lavish lifestyle which is mostly done at the expense of their wards education. He equally admonished the children to take their education seriously and also entreated the youth to join the Gomoa Techiman Youth Association in any part of the country they find themselves. PUSUBAN The chief who was installed only a year ago cut sold for the commencement of a community centre, which many have willingly donated towards the project.

He also unveiled the new “Pusuban”, a shrine at the centre of the town where the soul of the village is housed. The Pusuban has two soldiers on its sides: one saluting and the other with a cocked gun ready to fire. Nana Kwame Essoun III explained that the one saluting represent the respect the town has for everyone, whilst the other indicates that the respect doesn’t mean people can take them for granted as they are ever ready to defend themselves.

The Pusuban also has a flying eagle mounted on top of it, which he said means just as the eagle can fly without stopping, so will the community develop without ending. Other activities that marked the week-long Akwambo festival included football gala, talent show for kids, party for the aged, trotting to keep fit and harvest to raise funds for projects being executed by the community.