I’m Disappointed In The Health Care System of Ghana – DKB

Award winning comedian, Derick Kobina Bonney; DKB has shared his disappointment about how the health sector of the country hasn’t upgraded their technology to enable patients not go through the stress of forming long queues before seeing a Doctor.

He believes that, Ghana has come of age to curb the struggle and frustrations of forming queues before seeing a Doctor.

“I am disappointed that up till now modern day Ghana, our health care system hasn’t found a way to provide express health care services no matter where you are. We are in a modern world and technology is in abundance, but it seems our health care system is lacking adequate technology. People are misdiagnosing themselves not because they feel they know better, but it is as a result of not having receiving rapid health advice at their convenience.” He said.

Recounting a very terrifying ordeal, the comedian said he had an allergic attack and it was only by the timely intervention of an app called Docta Ghana; an app which allows you talk directly to a Doctor no matter where you are through video calling.

“What happened was I consumed some seeds and I didn’t know that my blood type was allergic to those seeds, I started developing severe stomach upset including diarrhea. A friend recommend the Docta Ghana App, I quickly downloaded, spoke with a doctor via video call and he prescribed anti-allergy drugs for me, the condition vanished few moments after taking my medication. So imagine if my allergy grew worse and I had to go and form a queue in addition?” He said..

"We are in the era of smart phones and internet; our focus shouldn't only be to browse and entertain ourselves with them but also harvest its benefits to our health. With the way my life was saved by this Docta Ghana app that’s why I decided to feature in their ad when they noticed me on their platform and contacted me to know if I would, I strongly recommend everyone to have it on their devices to save them the stress of joining queues to see doctors" the comedian added.