How Legon Students Reacted To The Gas Explosion

Some students of the University of Ghana (UG), Legon, who ran away from their hostels to safety as a result of the blazing fire and the monstrous sound that accompanied the gas explosion at Atomic Junction in Accra Saturday night have shared their experiences with Graphic Online.

The apparently scared university students say they realised a sudden change in the temperature around their ‘James Topp Nelson Yankah Hall’.

“I couldn’t stand the heat. It was unbearable. I felt like a fire has been poured on me”, Kingsley, a resident of James Topp Nelson Yankah Hall, said.

According to him, he nearly jumped off from the balcony of his hostel when he saw a ball of fire in the skies coming to their direction.

“It looked like I was watching a movie…. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing”, he said.

For Matilda Quaye, who was also at James Topp Nelson Yankah Hall explains that “there was extremely hot air everywhere. I didn’t know where it was coming from so when I came out from the room, I heard a loud noise and saw that the whole skies have changed to orange colour”.

“After the first explosion, another explosion came….there were more than four explosions…it was really scary”, Matilda said, adding “everyone was running”.

Bismarck Otchere tells Graphic Online that “my heart was in my mouth yesternight. I haven’t seen this thing before…. I thank God that nothing happened to me”

“I had to pass the night at Kwapong Hall…that is where I ran to during the explosion”, he said adding that “most of the guys here ran to Kwapong”.

Sharing his experience, Razak Dawda said: “our light went off….it was the light from the explosion that brightened this place”.

At least seven people have been confirmed dead with dozens injured in the Madina Atomic Junction gas explosion that occurred on Saturday night in Accra.

Two of the deceased are said to have been knocked down by a speeding vehicle during the chaos.

More than 20 vehicles were burnt.

Many of the injured persons were sent to the 37 Military Hospital and Legon Hospital for treatment.

The fire is said to have started at about 7 p.m on Saturday night.