Over 127,000 Migrate To Ghana

About 127, 286 travellers from the neighbouring West African countries have migrated into Ghana in the 4th quarter of this year compared to 125,128 last year.

This showed an increase of about 2,158.

This was revealed by the acting Sector Commander of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), Elubo, Chief Inspector Emmanuel Laryea Kwei, at Elubo, during a 3-day working visit by the minister of interior and his deputy in the Western Region.

According to the sector commander of Elubo, over 99 per cent of travellers along the Abidjan-Lagos corridor who use the sector were processed at the Elubo border.
Mr. Laryea Kyei further indicated that the Elubo sector within its jurisdiction controls three main approved border posts with the neighbouring Cote D’Ivoire in the southern part of the western corridor of the country.
The Elubo sector border includes Elubo, Jawey Wharf and Half Assini Newtown border posts.

He stressed that the patrol unit of the sector has been responsible for the constant patrolling of all the numerous identified unapproved routes and the newly created unapproved routes and possible activities of miscreants within the sector.

To this end, Mr. Laryea Kyei mentioned the Tano river which separate Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire as a boundary that poses a lot of challenges to effective patrolling in the area.

He thus appealed to the government to set-up a marine department under the BPU to provide personnel with adequate expertise in swimming, diving and the provision of life jackets as well as providing them with a speed-boat to traverse the life span of the Tano river.
The Elubo sector border is made up of Elubo border, Half Assini district office, Half Assini Newtown border, Jawey Wharf border, Samenye Inland post and Ellenda Wharf border.