New TV Drama Series B.E.A.T To Show On DSTV & Joy Prime

A new TV show is about to change the face of Television in Ghana.

The sensational TV drama series B.e.a.t will make you laugh, cry and teach you real life lessons.  

B.e.a.t is a musical show about a group of four individuals who come from various parts of Ghana to Accra to pursue a musical career.

They hit the streets to sell water , shine shoes and do other basic things to raise money for their first song.
it stars very renowned actors like David Dontoh, Prince David Osei, Pascaline Edwards , Eckow smith Asante and also a crop of young talent to tell this story of how a group came from the gutters to the red carpet

Beat was written, Directed and Executive produced by Harry BENTIL for HB7studios and proudly brought to you by Infinix Ghana. It will be airing this October 23, 2017 on Joy Prime and channel 281 on Dstv.

Isn’t life a series of images that changes as they repeat themselves?

That day was the day they hoped the picture would change, time to live their dreams, take on the world Stage and rock it, four wannabe musicians meet at an audition that was supposed to change their lives, their talent keeps them in but the ’who you know’ syndrome came in and did a beautiful job, the four qualified alright and were A contract away from becoming bigger than their dreams, but as fate will have it, they saw that chance blown right in front of them.

Their frustration and an instantly composed song brought them together in an attempt to achieve as a group what they couldn’t achieve as individuals.

Prior to their meeting, life had challenged them to the Point when the audition as it appeared was their last chance to being successful, but like they say, ’you never know how Strong you are until being strong is all you can be’.

They formed a group and called it ’b.e.a.t’,which was a Representation of the initials of their stage names , which

Also represented the beat in music, mucically your beat will Make or break your song. , b.e.a.t became a source of their New strenght, their new hope , their morning sun , the tunnel that had a bright light at the end of it.

Each had a story, a painful one that gave the need to want to do something, to prove something to the world, their Talent , anger, hope, experience and most importantly hunger To succeed will go a long way to help this group of two men and two ladies to success.

They move in together, find temporal jobs such as selling Water, shoe shining, carpentry and carrying loads at the market to help them raise money to start rocording, they Support each other through the wire, through the storms That hit each of them at different times, leaving the strong shoulders of the unaffected to lean on.

That year, Christmas came early for them, they see the light at the end of the tunnel at the end of season one. The light comes in the form of a manager who has it all, whose quest is to leave a Legacy, they both needed something, that’s how history is made, that is how legends are made.

B.e.a.t also has cameo apperances by the best of music Artiste from Africa, but from Ghana and Nigeria especially.

B.e.a.t combines the three major art froms drama music and dance to tell the story of how a group rose from the Humblest of beginings, scaled heights and ploughed depths. To become the most loved music group in Africa and beyond.

A Story you wouldn’t believe if you hadn’t lived it, xxperienced it, witnessed it yourself, fortunately we all go through some struggles so we can relate, that makes this Your story too, this is the struggle of four young talents, the story of b.e.a.t!!!!!!!

Get ready, you are about to experience something you haven’t experienced here in Africa and beyond.