GhanaPostGPS Data Is "Secured"...From Hackers - Ghana Post Dep. MD

The Deputy Managing Director of Finance and Administration of the Ghana Post, Mr. Kwaku Tabi Amponsah, has discredited suggestions by critics of the newly introduced digital property addressing system that it is easily prone to hacking by criminals.

According to Mr. Amponsah, the GhanaPost has sufficiently invested in cyber security to prevent intruders from hacking into the system.

It has not come to our notice that anybody has been able to hack into our system. The system is secured. So far we have not had any problems with intruders. We have build firewalls to prevent access without permission. Not even Vokacom can access the data without our permission. So yes, it is possible to hack a system, but we have ways of knowing if anyone hacks into our system.’

He asked the general public to disregard those making claims of insecurity with the new system since there is no such evidence available to suggest that anyone has so far hacked into their secured servers.

The Ghana Post deputy MD warned criminals who wants to attempt hacking to stay away from it because they will be caught and dealt with by the law.

Opponents of the new digital addressing system, particularly the opposition NDC has raised questions surrounding personal data security of citizens who patronise the digital address application. The NDC has suggested that there is a likelihood for vokacom, the private company managing the software to sell out personal address information to third party users thereby compromising the privacy of citizens.

But the Ghana Post Deputy Managing Director of Finance and Administration says, all these concerns were taken into consideration even before the system was launched.

Some people claim that they have been able to hack into our system but the information they claim to have gotten is information we have put out on our website. That’s not hacking..Our system is very secured and we are constantly monitoring for any such activities’ Mr. Amponsah assured the public.

The deputy MD reiterated the wide ranging benefits of the new digital address system to the general public, the police, the economy, the government and to the revamping of the business of postal services in Ghana.

Ghana post will avoid double deliveries because of not being able to find the right addresses, it will be the basis of e-comerce platforms, and we are working with ECG and ghana water company to ensure that all the digital addresses are on the utility bills etc’.

He also expressed excitement about the new digital addressing system because 'we got about 130,000 downloads of the application and about 100,000 registered addresses in just the few days after the launch of the system by his excellency the President'.