Ayisi Boateng; Arrogance Of Power Or Immaturity

Leadership is a burden that must be exercised responsibly; it puts one in a position of trust, which must reflect in the way and manner, the person carries himself or herself.

Since we ushered in the Fourth Republican dispensation, we have made a lot of progress to the envy of many African countries. We are the trailblazers and we have always raised the bar high, anytime we go to the polls to elect our president and representatives to the August House.

A few individuals, who are not fit for purpose, but have been privileged because of their proximity to power, are hell bent on sending this country back to the dark days.

Geoarge Ayisi Boateng, is one of those people, who are not fit to be burdened with any leadership. A Ghanaian is not defined based on his tribe or the political party, he or she belongs to.

Ghana’s High Commissioner to South Africa, has introduced a new definition for who a Ghanaian is, according to George Ayisi Boateng, one is a Ghanaian, if he or she belongs to the New Patriotic Party.

We are not surprised by the utterances of Ayisi Boateng, he was only echoing the long held view right-thinking Ghanaians have about president Akufo-Addo and the NPP.

The entitlement mentality that has been the stock in trade of the Danquah-Busia tradition, since its formation is what is manifesting before our eyes and ears.

A diplomat who is representing his country, will not speak the way George Ayisi Boateng did.

This man does not deserve another day in that office. What he said when he met the Tertiary Education Network of the NPP in Kumasi, has the potential to plunge this country into civil war.

If those who have been classified as special, are using violence to get what they want, what about us, who are considered, non-entities.

The president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has demonstrated that, he does not have the spine to deal with his people. The buffoonery is beginning to define his government.

An explosive country like South Africa, where there have been xenophobic attacks over the years, leading to the death of many people from other African countries, including Ghana, our representative to that country, must not be the one to crucify innocent Ghanaians, who probably didn’t vote, because they do not belong to his party.

George Ayisi Boateng, is a tribal bigot, who is not fit to occupy the office of a High Commissioner.

This guy does not deserve a penny from the tax payer. Should the president still continue to keep him there, he must be prepared to pay him from his pocket.

When we are paying tax, which is used to make life comfortable for him in South Africa, we do not do so, based on our political affiliation, we do that because we are Ghanaians.

An elder, does not speak the way he did, maturity means, you are able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.

George Ayisi Boateng, has exposed his limitations and has betrayed the trust of Ghanaians.

He should do the honourable thing and resign; an apology will not be enough.