10 Honest Signs That Your Partner No Longer Loves You

If you have noticed a change in your partner’s behaviour recently and it has left you feeling insecure and paranoid, then this article is for you. When someone you love suddenly shirks away from you or becomes withdrawn, it is easy to overthink and become worried for your shared future. Before you start doing that, however, you should attempt to “right the ship”, says relationship expert Monica Parikh of School of Love NYC.  
This means identifying any acts that repeatedly trigger your partner. For example, if they demand space, then give it to them. Do not actively pursue someone who is withdrawing from you – it does more bad than good. However, if you are sure that it is your partner who is doing wrong then there are two options. First, take some time off and get away from them, so that you can reduce the power they have over you (kind of like a relationship detox). Second, move on to a healthier relationship with a less toxic person.