Zimbabweans Unleash Holy-Ghost Fire On Robert Mugabe To Step Down

Zimbabweans have resorted to prayer to push their president, Robert Mugabe out of power after all persuasions and threats have failed to move the 93-year-old revolutionist.

Mr. Mugabe has been the Zimbabwean president since 1980 and pressure is now mounting on him to resign after it became clear that he had wanted to position his 52-year-old Grace Mugabe to succeed him.

He sacked his vice president about two weeks ago for no tangible reason, and many have thought it was a clandestine move to deny his vice president the opportunity to succeed him as per the country’s political structure.

The military then took over the state in a bloodless coup, leading to calls on Mr. Mugabe to step down.

A grace period of up to 10 am Monday that was given the president by the ZANU-PF party on whose ticket Mr. Mugabe is a president has elapsed. The party has also initiated steps in the country’s parliament to impeach Mr. Mugabe.

While all those moves are underway, the citizens have decided to ask God to touch the heart of Mr. Mugabe to exit power peacefully.

The war veterans of the country have also hinted of protesting on Wednesday if Mr. Mugabe remains defiant.

According to Africafeeds.com, one of the organizers of the prayer event, Doug Coltart, and the organiser of #ThisFlag, campaign said “We want Mugabe to step down. We want him to go peacefully.”

However, youngest son of the controversial president, Chatunga Mugabe has written on his Facebook page amidst all the controversies that, “You can’t fire a revolutionary leader! Zanu-PF is nothing without President Mugabe.”