Obrafuor Supports Shatta Wale Over Wizkid

Rap legend, Obrafour believes Shatta Wale did not err in suggesting that Nigerian act, Wizkid is not a superstar.

Shatta Wale in an interview on Kasapa FM reportedly stated that he did not regard Wizkid as Africa’s best artiste contrary to the perception most people have about him and further indicated that he was not moved by the fake jewellery the Nigerian artiste puts on.

“I don’t see Wizkid to be too much for me but most of my Ghanaians and Ghanaian colleagues see him like that. But I want Wizkid to see me and be like wow not otherwise because what is talking is your pocket, property, investment.

“I will not see Wizkid and be stunned, I rather want him to see me and be amazed because I don’t see anything extraordinary about him, even though he claims to the best African artiste…

“Don’t come and wear a chain which is fake and come and say we the biggest artistes in Africa, we are number 1. I don’t get scared of those things, making money in music is no joke thing my business is making money for me.

“My colleagues are really working hard like Mayweather, Cristiano Ronaldo don’t think my colleagues are Ghanaian of Nigerian artistes,” he said.

His comment attracted a barrage of criticisms from some Nigerians who surmised the dancehall act had disrespected Wizkid.

But Obrafour in an interview on Daybreak Hitz, monitored by abrantepa.com, noted that Shatta Wale is entitled to his opinion and should not be begrudged for expressing it.

"We all know Shatta Wale. That's him. With his beef with Wizkid, I don't think he meant anything bad with his statement that he doesn't see him (Wizkid) as a superstar. Come on, let's be real. Who are superstars? Who is a star? Do we have stars among us? The stars are in the sky... God has blessed us with something. We are privileged to have what we have. The fact that you play football, sing doesn't make you a star. Shatta Wale says 'I want him to rather see me and go like 'wow'. The guy believes in himself. I don't know why we always attach mischief (to everything)," Obrafour stated.