NPP Policies Creating More Problems - NDP

Members of the Central Regional branch of the National Democratic Party (NDP) have urged the leadership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) not to sideline its critics.

They are asking government to reorganize them as major stakeholders in national development.

The group said the NPP government was risking itself for a one term tenure if they refuse to take the advice of their critics.

“We the NDP members have experienced both good and bad governance and as a party which came out of the National Democratic Party (NDC), our position in Ghanaian politics indicates that failure to heed to our advice might lead to defeat in the general elections,” they said.

In a press release issued by the Central Regional Branch of the National Democratic Party, members of the group said the NPP government was not only solving problems in the country but also creating additional problems.

They said the government has done well by implementing certain policies but the implementation of these policies was only giving rise to more problems.

“The successful implementation of policies alone would not win a second term for the NPP because when they solve a problem, they create additional problems,” they stated.

The group noted that the NPP government is repeating most of the mistakes the National Democratic Congress did that led them into opposition.

They said the NPP government should reveal to Ghanaians the bad policies implemented by the NDC that caused their electoral defeat so, it would help Ghanaians know more about those policies and how to avoid them.

“We cannot understand why the NPP government is to a large extent shielding the NDC government by not exposing their financial malfeasance and inaccuracies pertaining to their illegal procurement," they stated.

The group is asking the leadership of the NPP to strengthen the party's structure to avoid internal squabbles.

“They must see to it that the party becomes more alert, bold and remain focused to criticize constructively, adding that the creation of political sabotage and intimidation must also be avoided.”

Members of the group however applauded the NPP government for some of their policies which had been implemented and the efforts made to sustain them.

They indicated that government should not wait until election is due before it looks back to its faithful supporters, but rather carry them on throughout their stay in power whiles heeding to constructive criticisms.