Twyford Ceramics Factory Receives President’s Endorsement

Twyford Ceramics factory, a newly established tiles manufacturing company last Saturday received the endorsement of the President of Ghana Nana Akuffo Addo at Shama district in the western region.

The ceramics factory which is into the production and distribution of tiles is estimated at the cost of USD 77.26 million and will operate at a designed production capacity of 14.4 million square meters per year with annual sales projected to be USD 82.8 million.

Speaking before the commissioning, the President Nana Akuffo Addo praised the investors for putting up the factory.

''I congratulate the chair person, board, management and directors of Sunda International for the decision to establish the factory here in Shama. It will not only reduce our country’s ceramic tiles import bill but will also create employment for the young men and women resident here’’.

The President praised the company for sourcing all its raw materials locally and providing employment for the teaming youth in the area.

''I am also happy to note that 95% of the factory’s raw material needs will be sourced locally. The promoters of this project should work towards increasing this figure to a 100%’’

The President urged Twyford Ceramics to play by the rules of the industry and assured the company of his open door policy to resolving any challenges that may arise in the course of their operations.

''The experienced minister for trade and industry will work with you to address any challenges that may arise, and if indeed it becomes necessary, which i hope it will not, to go higher up the chain of authority, i want you to know that my doors will always be open. I do on the other hand insist, that on your part, that you play according to the rules and regulations of the sector and the laws of the country as a whole’’.

Group chairman of Sunda international Mr. Y.C Shen announced that Twyford ceramics was set up in Ghana because of the enabling business environment created by the government through the one district one factory program for which they have taken advantage to do business in Ghana.

''Industrialisation is the main driver of every economy all over the world. As Ghana is trying to industrialise, we at Twyford ceramics factory are happy to be a part of the new industrialisation policy of this new government’’.

He announced that an estimated one thousand eight hundred and sixty four (1864) jobs have been created for Ghanaians by the new ceramics factory. And he called for government support for smooth operations of their business.

''Considering all the benefits of the project to the government and people of Ghana, we at Twyford ceramics factory are asking for all the support that we can get from the government to ensure a smooth operation for the benefit of all’’.