We Must Beef Up Security At Our Police Stations!

IN security matters there is nothing like small danger or little threats.  The reason being that these little threats have the potential to escalate.

THE attack by armed robbers on the Kwabenya Police Station, Accra, which resulted in the freeing of seven suspects being held for various criminal offences and also the untimely death of a police officer on duty, is indeed terrifying and sad.

SAD because the country has, once again recorded the death of a police officer in the line of duty.  However, the incident is terrifying because many Ghanaians are feeling unsafe!

WE understand a manhunt has been intensely mounted by the Police Administration in an effort to re-arrest the seven freed criminal suspects and those who aided them to escape.

THE whole incident is like a play being acted.  But the fact is that it is something that happened which incident was on Sunday, January 21, 2018.  And following that development, many Ghanaians are asking about the safety and security of our police officers.

IT also ties in the question of how safe are we if those who are supposed to protect us are themselves being attacked and killed?  What happened at the Kwabenya Police Station no doubt has put fear in Ghanaians, regardless of the fact that there are police officers whose duty is to protect us and fight criminals.

It was only a couple of days that the Inspector General of Police, David Asante Apeatu, came out to assure Ghanaians that ‘Ghana is safe.’  That assurance came on the back of three arrested persons suspected to be carrying items suspected to be various specie of explosives.

IN fact, this latest incident adds to our fears that armed robbers can strike at any time. Obviously it constitutes a threat to national security.

THUS, in the view of Today the Kwabenya Police Station incident should set our Police Administration to restrategise and take proactive measures to prevent some of these attacks on them.  We believe it will be a wake-up call to the Police Service to fortify the various police stations across the country.

IT equally means that the state must provide the police with adequate and best ammunitions in policing to enable them carry out their duties effectively and efficiently.  The other issue that we would urge the Police Administration is for them to take a serious view about of the security of its men and women in uniform.

AS we commiserate with the Police Administration on their loss, we expect that they will be urged on to stand battle ready to defend citizens of this and country and also deal ruthlessly with criminals.