Let’s Learn How To Use Water Wisely!

We have shown on countless occasions that we will only act when confronted with a challenge. Anything short of that the typical Ghanaian would not take proactive steps towards averting a looming danger or calamity.

Last week management of Ghana Water Company Limited GWCL) publicly announced that the arrival of the dry season (hamarttan) has brought in its wake some challenges which are adversely affecting water supply in the nation’s capital, Accra, and many parts of the country.

A statement from the state water management and supply company—GWCL— went on to express: ‘We are sorry to inform the consuming public that, the situation has led to intermittent water supply in most Cities and Towns in the country.’

It is clear from the above GWCL statement that we the consuming public are already bearing the brunt of the ongoing erratic water supply. Already the impact is being felt in Accra where residents trek long distances in search of water.

Interestinly, in places where water is available, especially in Accra, they are characterised by long-winding queues, much to the disquiet of the consuming public. The long queues have equally become frustrating for the residents who have to wait several hours for their turn.

Like electricity, many Ghanaians have not inculcated the habit of using water judiciously. The use of pipe-borne water in many households is really an eyesore. And in homes where occupants use showers, the level of water wastage leaves much to be desired.

There are even instances where many of us pass by burst pipes without drawing the attention of GWCL. This has largely been the case of our attitude of showing no care towards government properties.

But elsewhere in other countries, citizens quickly report these tissues to the appropriate quarters for action(s) to be taken. That, in our view, is what citizens are supposed to do.

And like President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo said during his investiture, we must act as citizens and not spectators. When we do that we will be helping in a greater deal to address some of the ills in our society.

Therefore, Today wants to add its voice to the call on us by GWCL to adopt water conservation measures during this period. These measures, according to GWCL, include the following, stopping indiscriminate watering of lawns with treated water; moderating the use of treated water for car washing through the use of buckets instead of using hosing, shutting all taps when not in use and repairing all leakages in our homes.

Furthermore, the water company charged the public to report all burst pipes and leakages immediately to the nearest GWCL district offices, or call its Customer Service centres and Fault Offices,

And while they are calling on us to help them to be able to supply us water during this critical period, Today is equally urging them to ensure that whatever water rationing schedule they will be following should cater for the needs of the consuming public.

We must ensure that we save water as if our lives depend on it!