You’re Protected - Parliament To MPs

The Acting Director of Public Affairs of parliament, Kate Addo, has assured Members of Parliament (MPs) of thorough background checks on all persons being engaged for security services at the job 600 office complex.

Her assurance comes on the back of strong concerns raised by MP for Builsa South, Dr. Clement Apaak, over identity and circumstances under which newly hired security personnel from a private company were deployed to parliament.

Dr. Apaak suspects the recruits were being drawn from vigilante groups affiliated to the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) such as the Delta Force, Invisible Forces among others and is therefore worried about the safety of MPs.

But Ms Addo reacting to this development explained to Class News that the recruitment was made to augment the existing security in place.

She assured MPs of their maximum safety as a thorough background check on all persons recruited have been done.

She said: “Before people are employed we try to do background checks. If there is any reason why anybody will suspect that anybody will not be suitable for a particular position, I think that there are processes to go through and we will be more than happy to have any information that will avert any mishap that will occur as a result of anybody being employed here, but I can assure you that we on our part have very good intentions, we did that which is required of us and we take the security of members and staff and everybody else very seriously.”