‘Cooking For Husbands Not Slavery’ - Joyce Aryee

It is not slavery for a wife to cook for her husband, Executive Director of the Salt and Light Ministries, Joyce Aryee has said.

“I don’t think cooking for your husband can be seen as slavery”, Ms Aryee said, adding: “No, I don’t think so.”

A lot of debate about the subject has gone on on social media following certain sentiments expressed by feminists and the general public.

Ms Aryee, however, said nothing stops men from helping their wives in the kitchen.

“As a man, you can help your wife in the kitchen or just be around to chat with her.

“If your wife comes back from work and she is tired, and she must hurriedly prepare food and all that at least the man must go into the kitchen and stand by her and help her out,” Ms Aryee told Starr FM.