Resource The Judiciary For Effective Justice Delivery

Lawyer Edward Acquah Arhin, a Private Legal practitioner in the Western Region has called on the government to resource the judicial service to ensure effective and speedy delivery of justice.

He pointed out that speedy and expeditious trial was gradually being marred by the lack of requisite tools, logistics and the human resource needed to even carry out an act of justice in the western region in particular and the nation as a whole.

The Private legal practitioner who made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on the President State of the Nation’s address, noted that peace, safety and the general well-being of every Ghanaian must be upheld particularly those who resorted to the law court.

It is therefore disheartening to note that some courts in the Metropolis did not even have judges to sit on cases, he added.

"Go to the Old Accra station court and circuit court B in Takoradi you will notice that there are no judges to sit on cases, a judge will have to travel all the way from Tarkwa to adjudicate on cases, a situation that was not good for our judicial system".

Mr Arhin indicated that when foreign countries were electronically recording court proceedings, it was worrying that courts around the country still used the manual system of recording.

“We need an automated system to enhance the quality of court proceedings and even certain registrars have to carry their own computers to do official duties which should not be the case”.

The legal practitioner said improving the legal and justice system was paramount to ensuring a sanitised and satisfied society where people have confidence in the system and therefore resorted to it rather than taking the law into their own hands.

Mr Arhin said: “In this region for example, we have few courts and especially the northern parts lagged behind and most of them have to travel to Sekondi or Takoradi for their cases to be heard which comes with a huge financial burden on the clients.

The legal practitioner stressed the need for more judges to be trained while, the service was properly resourced in all aspects to improve on the quality of work and enhance peace and security in the region particular and the country at large.