Sue Road Contractors Who Fail To Mount Safety Notices Ahead – Road Ing.

Ing. Abdulai Mahama says road contractors can prevent some casualties on our roads if they give prior notice of what is ahead to roads users, mainly drivers.

According to him, contractors overlook some safety precautions which are claiming many lives on our roads.

His comment comes after Ghana Police Service revealed how heap of sand ’caused’ Ebony’s fatal crash.

According to a report from the Ghana Police Service, Ebony, and two others who were with her in a Jeep, lost their lives on Thursday night, after their car collided with an oncoming VIP bus, when their driver tried to avoid a heap of sand in their lane.

The police said the sand was meant for the maintenance of the road.

Speaking on NEAT FM’s political talk show Torch Light Ing. Abdulai Mahama noted that, Ebony’s fatal accident among others could be avoided if contractors mount clear and visible precautions by the roadside.

“Contractors must give advanced notice depending on the speed of that area. The speed limit will determine when to mount your information sign. Mostly, about 400 or 500 meters away, your first information must be there, then another 300m to the junction of where the thing is, then 100m before the actual area”

“The driver will at least see the sign before getting to where the construction is taking place” he told host Mac Jerry Osei Agyemang

Ing. Abdulai Mahama also urged Ghanaians to “Sue any contractors who doesn’t mount safety precautions to inform road users whiles working. Let them face the law. Someone’s mistake should lead to someone’s death”