Amidu To Use His Office For Revenge? . . . Posterity Will Judge Him! - Allotey Jacobs

Allotey Jacobs, NDC Central Regional Chairman, has stated emphatically that though Martin Amidu "is qualified" for the office of Special Prosecutor,

According to him, Mr. Amidu bears all the qualities to execute his duties effectively.

Speaking on Peace FM's Kokrokoo, he noted that while it is true "Martin is unmanageable", it is only indicative of his convictions not to compromise on his integrity.

" . . his beliefs, his principles; he will never compromise principles. He says it as it is. Sometimes, you might think he is cheeky . . . but you see there are characters like that from the way they were brought up. So, sometimes, we need to infuse ourselves into their world”, he said.

Allotey Jacobs however sent a word of caution to Mr. Amidu not to regard his new job "as an office for revenge" because it is widely known from certain statements he's made that he has a personal feud with the opposition NDC.

Is he going to take that office as an office for revenge when vengeance is of the Lord because he once said I’m going to fight the party even with my last blood, clot of blood?” he quizzed.

He advised Mr. Amidu to note that "Ghanaians will be watching him" and so if he uses his office for "vendetta . . . posterity will judge him”.

Martin Amidu appeared before Parliament's Appointments Committee on Tuesday where he was vetted by the members to assess his qualification for the position.

During the vetting, Mr. Amidu emphasized that he will not spare any person caught in the web of corruption because he is an anti-corruption crusader.

"Crime is crime . . . Political party cash must not be an assurance against crime and that is it. Period!" he stressed.

When asked whether he can live in harmony with other people per his disposition, Mr. Amidu responded "I have lived with decent people in harmony for 66 years, but I cannot live in harmony with criminals".