The Fight Between Baba Spirit And Ayitey Powers Is Not A Laughing Matter!

Every sport has its dos and don’ts, and so it is with boxing.

In fact, hardly would you find professional boxers fighting in public.

The reason is that professional boxers like martial artists have loads of techniques to subdue their opponent.

We must state that some of these techniques, which a random person might only know few or nothing at all, are devastating and can kill.

It is in the light of the above that Weekend Today is surprised that the Ghana Boxing Association has not done anything about a video of professional boxer, Michael Ayitey Powers and comedian, Baba Spirit, slugging it out.

In fact from the rather short video which incident happened in the studios of Amansan Television (ATV) in Accra, it was not surprising that Ayitey Powers got the better side of Baba Spirit.

And from the way Ayitey Powers was throwing those punches it meant only one thing: exhibiting his punching techniques to hurt permanently Baba Spirit.

The video ever since its release has gone viral, with many laughing loud after watching it.

But we have failed to understand that had those deadly punches and upper cuts landed well on Baba, we believe it would have been a different matter by now.

And that is where the typical Ghanaian character (waiting for a disaster to strike before acting) comes into play.

So far we have not heard anything from the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA).

That, Weekend Today believes, should be of concern to us, particularly when some of our professional boxers are now fighting bouts outside the boxing ring.

We therefore expect that GBA will wade into the matter and apply sanctions, if need be.

It must not be treated as a laughing matter, for cannot be one. We will wait and see what line of action GBA will take in this matter!