KK Sarpong And Isaac Osei Cautioned Over Looming Scandal?

Dr K K Sarpong and Mr Isaac Osei, CEOs of Ghana National Petroleum Corporation and Tema Oil Refinery respectively have been cautioned by The Convener of Movement for Truth and Accountability to resolve a problem arising from ‘duping’ a Ghanaian Businessman who is also a financier of the NPP before it escalates into a stinging scandal.

According to Mr Joseph Bediako, the heads of Ghana National Petroleum Corporation and Tema Oil refinery are on the verge of soiling their reputation in an embarrassing fraud scandal if moves are not made to deal with the issues behind closed doors as soon as possible.

Speaking as a Panellist at Otec FM in the Asante Region, the former Aid of Mrs Rawlings advised the heads of the two institutions to make a smart move and resolve the matter or see their names dragged through the mud in a stinging scandal.

Providing scanty details in his submission, he indicated that an Estate Developer who is also a Financier of the Party fronted for a Foreign Oil company to supply Ghana’s refinery quality oil at an extremely cheap cost and also help the refinery derive the full benefit from the oil.

According to Mr Bediako, after agreeing privately with the investors on his personal reward when he sees it through, he submitted the proposal to Dr KK Sarpong who as the Head of GNPC exercised oversight responsibility over Tema Oil Refinery in the absence of a substantive TOR boss.

Dr K K Sarpong expressed interest in pushing the proposal further for consideration and requested for an unspecified amount of money from the Businessman which was duly paid and asked him to go and expect his call later.

Months passed without a call from the GNPC boss.

Efforts from the businessman to reach him proved futile as countless calls went unanswered.

This moment of silence coincided with the Foreign Investor’s refusal to answer his calls or respond to his emails.

He proceeded to investigate and find out what had gone wrong.

Sources close to both CEOs eventually disclosed to the businessman upon investigations that the GNPC and TOR boss had connived to get him out of the picture and deal with the investors between the two of them and ignore the Ghanaian Businessman who engineered the whole deal and travelled around the world to get it to that point.

The businessman who suspects both CEOs have made personal gains from the Business in his place is said to have served both of them letters and threatened to drag the matter to court after Isaac Osei denied any knowledge of such deal in spite of contrary reports from key persons within TOR.

These revelations were made in the wake of the nation’s damning performance in the recent corruption index by Transparency International.

Ghana dropped to 81, moving down 11 places from 2016
Though corruption and abuse of office was key basis for voting out the NDC and bringing the NPP whose flag bearer, Nana Akufo Addo was described as incorruptible, their reign has been full of scandals and that is believed to have influenced the nation’s worst performance in terms of corruption perception.

Mr Bediako cautioned appointees of Nana Addo to refrain from using their positions for personal gains because it contradicts the personality of the president and subjects the whole party to ridicule.

Efforts to get more details from Mr Bediako and possibly contact the said businessman failed as he declined to comment further on the issue.

Several attempts to reach Dr KK Sarpong and Mr Isaac Osei for their side of the story, have proved futile.