Prayer Won’t Make You Prosper; Learn Business Principles – Prophet Anokye Charges Youth

Presiding Prelate of the Worldwide Word Ministries, Prophet John Anokye, wants Christian leaders to focus attention on teaching business principles in order to reduce growing youth unemployment in the country.

Prophet Ankokye acknowledged the importance of praying to God and edifying the human spirit but noted, prayer alone does not make people successful in life.

According to him, the practice where believers of the Christian faith spend hours in the prayer tower believing God to send down 'manna' is an exercise in futility because, without putting one’s hand to work, the prayer will not be answered.

“Prayer is good but we’ve taken it to the extreme and we have not taken time to learn the principles of business. It is knowledge that runs everything.

“Prayer itself is a principle and so when you get the principles wrong your prayers will not be answered…you don’t prosper just by praying,” he told in an interview ahead of the first quarterly business conference to be organised by the Worldwide Word Ministries on March 25, 2018.

Prayer and prophecy he indicated, only excite the soul emphasising the importance of knowledge acquisition in the principles of business to groom young entrepreneurs in the ministry.

Ghanaian Christian's Businesses Folding Up

The preacher is worried at the rising unemployment among university graduates who continue to besiege government offices for jobs while others queue in the sun to be enlisted into menial paying jobs.

“When you have masses of [young] people queuing for menial jobs in town then that means there is a problem,” Prophet Anokye lamented, stressing the need to “recognise this part of the ministry [church] that focuses on people so that we can groom them.”

He observed, many businesses owned by Ghanaians, especially Christians, fold up after 10 years, a clear indication that the owners do not have enough knowledge of the biblical principles to serve as the bedrock for their businesses.

“Most individual businesses collapse after 10 years; what has accounted for that, we don’t know.”

In a bid to unravel these knots, Prophet Anokye said the business conference by the Worldwide World Ministries will help revive collapsing businesses owned by Christian entrepreneurs by unpacking the biblical principles of a successful business.

“There are principles in the Bible. But the Christians have failed to recognise that these principles work and we must go for them and so if God opens mysteries of those principles to us we must share them,” he advised leaders of the Christian faith.