Ekow Blankson Under Attack For ‘Insulting’ Actors

Actor Ekow Blankson has apologised to the current crop of Ghanaian actors, including filmmakers in Kumawood, for offending their sensibilities in an interview he granted to YouTube channel, SVTV Africa.

He indicated that if he has offended anyone, he should be forgiven, adding that a report on his interview was “completely” taken out of context.

The respected actor received a lot of bashing on Monday and Tuesday for allegedly saying he is not impressed with the current crop of Ghanaian actors, whom he unequivocally described as “jokers”.

“I think that our new crop of actors are just jokers. Unfortunately, they aren’t as exciting and real as people have done in the past. Sometimes, it gets a bit worrying watching them perform,” he was quoted to have said.

“I think the Kumasi movie industry is a different form of filmmaking. It’s actually concert party where you don’t prepare a script and follow. They are given pointers and they have to create out of it and that is the concert party style and they have enhanced it into film,” the actor also added.

“Omg! My attention has been drawn to a displeasure from my brothers and sister regarding an interview I granted to SVTV. Indeed, let me sincerely apologise to all KUMAWOOD actors if I have in anyway offended them. The caption and parts of the interview quotes were taken completely out of context. I am told the full interview will be out today or so. I was rather encouraging our young talents,” he said in a message that circulated on social media.

“Yes I made some comments leading to the case I was making in favour of our industry. It was not meant at all to defame or insult any group at all. In fact, I respect them a lot and that was the point I was making. I think that most of the young ones should be encouraged to attend some acting classes to make them better,” he added.

“Please will anyone kindly extend my sincerest apology to them? I will under no circumstance disrespect my own. It can only get better,” Ekow concluded.