Arsenal 1-1 Atletico Madrid

One nil to the Arsenal. It was never going to be enough.

Even before Atletico Madrid equalised, there was always the fear Arsenal might not be able to defend such a slender lead in seven days time. Antoine Griezmann’s goal with eight minutes remaining confirmed it. Madrid, reduced to ten men after nine minutes, had barely been able to get out of their half for much of the game. When they did, they scored.

What a soft, soft goal it was, too. Alexandre Lacazette lost possession and a long ball was pumped up for Griezmann to chase. It was the first real defensive work for Laurent Koscielny all half, and he messed up. He allowed Griezmann to get away slightly, then kicked a panicked clearance into his own face. David Ospina saved but the ball went loose. Shkodran Mustafi, covering, slipped over, Griezmann scored. It was a brilliant result for Atletico; desperate for Arsenal.