Cigarette And Beer Did Trick For Nyantakyi’s Long Stay In office – George Afriyie

Recently dismissed Vice President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), George Afriyie, says President Kwasi Nyantakyi’s long stay in office as chairman of the FA was as a result of cigarette, beer, money and positions offered to people as an influence to go on air and speak in favour of the President.

According to Mr. Afriyie, he has contributed a lot to the success story of Nyantakyi and for him to be removed as the vice present clearly indicate that the president has dug his own grave.

In an Interview on Asempa FM, Mr. Afriyie said,”By removing me as the vice president, Nyantakyi has cut off one of his legs because I personally recruited people to go on radio and speak for him to redeem the image of the association.”

The African Cup of Nations (AFCON) Organizing Committee Member has stated emphatically that Nyantakyi will lose if he dare contest in the upcoming GFA election.

“If Nyantakyi believes he has that support to win the 2019 contest, he should let the process commence in next month” he dared.

George Afriyie has already declared his intention to contest for the Ghana FA presidential seat next year.