NPMCL to build plant in 2010

New Paint Manufacturing Company Limited (NPMCL), suppliers of top acrylic and enamel quality paints, will next year expand its operation in Ghana to cover the entire country. Mr Francis K. Addo, Acting Managing Director, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the company, a subsidiary of Plascon of South Africa, would therefore establish its own manufacturing plant in consonance with its vision to manufacture paint in Ghana by August, 2010. The NPMCL, which has been in business in Ghana for the past ten years, has currently restricted its activities to retailing diverse varieties of Plascon paints to suit the taste of its growing clients. "Our mission is to provide the Ghanaian market with durable, affordable and long-lasting paint products," he said. Asked why his company chose to enter the Ghanaian market that already had a number of paint manufacturing firms, Mr Addo said he considered Plascon paint to be the best in Africa. "Plascon paint was used to paint seven out of the 10 sports stadiums in South Africa, which will serve as venues for next year's World Cup, and we want to bring the best quality paint to the doorsteps of Ghanaians." Mr Addo said Ghanaians had the niche for something new and durable, and that no one company had been able to capture the paint market in Ghana, adding: "The future is bright for us and we know the sky is the limit". Commenting on his company's performance, Mr Addo said that, overall, sales were very good and that it was looking to a brighter prospect next year. The Company, he said, organizes seminars for painters, who are schooled on the correct use of its paint and, through that, get to more customers. "Our next target is architects and surveyors who are directly in the building industry. "The company can mix over 8,500 colours for customers while they wait and this can be done on the spot unless it has larger orders. "Sometimes, people come with their own choice of colours and we do it for them. We can meet every choice people ask for," he stated. He said the company's main challenge was that of finance or accessing bank loans to take the business to the next level. On the outlook for 2010, Mr Addo said the company would use 10 instead of the current two consignments of paint; it would also start its own manufacturing plant, use local materials, and increase staff levels to provide more job opportunities for Ghanaians. His message for Ghanaians was that God created a beautiful world and "for us to maintain nature's beauty, Ghanaians must buy good paint from Plascon". "They must bring their own choices of colour and we will do it for them," he said, and urged Ghanaians not to dink while they drive so as to stay alive and enjoy a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.