Let’s Resolve The LPG Gas Matter Quickly!

CURRENTLY, some members of the Ghana LPG Operators Association (GLiPGOA) have begun a strike.  The, we understand, is in protest of the cylinder re-circulation module.

THE development has brought discomfort to many households and retail businesses who rely heavily on LPG gas to carry out their activities.  In fact, a visit to some LPG refilling stations, which are still operating paints, a picture of dozens of gas cylinders lined up, waiting for their turns to be served.

SIMILARLY, those who could not refill their gas cylinders have been left stranded.  One may ask: what is cylinder re-circulation module?

AT a Cabinet meeting on October 12, 2017, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo directed that the cylinder re-circulation module of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) distribution be implemented.  The module means that LPG Bottling Plants will be sited away from congested commercial and population centres.  It will further procure, brand, maintain and fill empty cylinders to be distributed to consumers and households through retail outlets.

THE Cylinder Re-circulation module has obviously incurred the displeasure of LPG operations, many of whom have embarked on a strike which began last Monday.

ARGUING their case out, members of GLiPGOA states categorically that the planned implementation of the policy is counter-productive and one that will affect them woefully.

ACCORDING to the current administration, the policy of cylinder re-circulation has been adopted following the many fire outbreaks at LPG refill plants, and the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) is enforcing it.

WHATEVER the issue is, Today believes that government must sit down with GLiPGOA to have their concerns addressed.

FOR us at Today the impasse must be resolved as early as possible to avert further frustrations to consumers of LPG gas.

IT is an established fact that LPG gas is a commodity that is used by many Ghanaians, thus the delay in resolving the matter will further worsen the plight of Ghanaians.