Police Complete Investigations Into Peacekeepers Sex Abuse Allegations

The Ghana Police Service has completed preliminary investigations into the alleged sex abuse perpetrated by some Ghanaian police peacekeepers in South Sudan.

Forty-six personnel from the Formed Police Unit on a peacekeeping mission in South Sudan were recalled for allegedly abusing some vulnerable citizens in that country.

The Inspector General of Police, David Asante Apeatu subsequently set up a committee to investigate the matter.

However according to the Director of the Police Intelligence and Professional Standards Bureau, COP Kofi Boakye, the Police Service is awaiting the United Nations to complete investigations on the matter before the Police Service briefs Ghanaians on investigations.

“The Inspector General of Police sent a high powered delegation to South Sudan. They completed their investigation and the Police is awaiting the investigation from UN because they have to compare notes on the various investigations to have a comprehensive report. After that is done, I know the Inspector General of Police will not hesitate to inform you of the results, but meanwhile, the policemen are still in South Sudan.”

Some members of a Ghanaian police unit working with the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan were investigated for breaching the UN’s sexual exploitation and abuse rules.

The unit in question had also been recalled.

The investigation into the conduct of the officers began after reports emerged that they were having transactional sex with women living in one of the protection camps with gifts or favours given in exchange for the encounters.

Mr Derry, who spoke to journalists on the sidelines of a wreath-laying ceremony held for members of the armed forces who lost their lives in the February 28 crossroad shooting, said he was stricken by reports of the alleged sexual misconduct by the Ghanaian soldiers.

“As the Minister for Interior the allegation hit me hard… It is still under investigation, and we will be the first to bring to book any Ghanaian we find who has breached the rules, and the UN allowing us to investigate the matter independently shows that they believe we are going to contribute constructively to it,” he added.

We’ll cooperate with UN probe – Police

The Police Administration had promised to work fully with the UN in the investigations into allegations of sexual misconduct.

In a statement released by the Police after the news broke, the Police Administration conveyed “its fullest cooperation and support to investigate the alleged sexual exploitation and abuse case.”