Standards Authority to Check Cheating with new Scale

By 2020, you should expect to have all products you buy on the market to be weighed to ascertain the correct weight of the product you take home.

This is because the Ghana Standards Authority has indicated that it will soon begin the distribution of weighing scales to traders in various markets for the measurement of foodstuff.
The move is to curb the situation where consumers are short-changed by traders.
It is also to improve trading practices on the local markets.
The Director-General of the Ghana Standards Authority, Professor Alex Dodoo explained to Citi Business News that the move will deter traders who deliberately cheat their customers.
“Unfortunately in our country, a lot of businesses are done without accurate measurement; that leads to consumers being over charged, under charged or over provided. And this means that our economy is not modern as modern economy relies on weight.”
Professor Dodoo opined that the GSA will soon begin a campaign to sensitize the public ahead of the distribution which should take effect by 2020.
“We insist on the use of scales, our enforcement has to be pragmatic so as soon as possible Ghanaians should trade based on scale.”
Meanwhile the Ghana Standards Authority has received six new accreditations for its metrology department.
The Accreditations issued by the German National Institute of Accreditation, PTB, will enable the Authority efficiently measure humidity, temperature, mass, volume and chemical quantities.
Ghana Standards Authority is confident that the new accreditations will enhance its work.