Nana Ofori Kissi Ratina Writes: The Stainless Karbo

"I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons will live together in harmony" - Nelson Mandela

The power of the media can be misleading and suicidal especially when a bias panelist gets the opportunity to throw dust into the eyes of cherished listeners.

The issue bothering Kwasi Nyantakyi and his fraud attempt has taken over the media for over a week. I have stayed tuned to my radio set and I've also spent much time to listen to the political and social commentators on the side relating to the mention of Anthony Karbo's name.

I couldn't get any substantive point from the nurtured propagandist-metamorphosed communicators of the NDC other than a mere sheer of envy and hatred for the rising, energetic and hardworking young man from the Upper West Region.

Our society predisposes us to use names of high profile men to brag and I think that's exactly what Kwasi Nyantekyi seemed to abide by.

If you have ever had the opportunity to live with fellow Ghanaians from Northern Ghana, you will understand them when they say "mmbe" which means "menua" in the Akan dialect and literally means my brother or a relative. Northerners treat themselves as one family.

Kwasi Nyantakyi never said Anthony Karbo is his business partner. That he can't say because he has never had that to do with Karbo. Though they both come from the Upper West region, it must be stated categorically that Nyantekyi has never stepped foot in Karbo's before.

Anthony Karbo is a man of principles. Karbo is not corrupt as the NDC wants us to believe.

In fact, Hon. Karbo and Hon. Amoako-Atta were positioned at the Road Ministry by the President purposely to stop the evil drain of the State coffers through the Road Ministry. Let's not forget that of 50% of the corrupt deals of the previous government was carried out through the Ministry of Roads and Highways.

The incorruptible Nana Akufo-Addo has worked with Karbo for a very longtime and he knows him very well that's the reason why he entrusted him with that position and Karbo wouldn't let the President down.

The opposition is compelling us to believe that so far as Nyantakyi mentioned Karbo's name, it means they have had longtime dealings.

Let me pause and ask you this; Andrew Solomon - the gay and international homosexual advocate has uncountable times mentioned the name of John Mahama and he even bought a copy of "My First Coup d'etat" published by John Mahama at a cost of US$20,000.

Is anyone justified by saying that Mahama has a dirty relationship with Andrew Solomon?

A word to a wise... Over the years, the NDC has claimed love-superiority for the people of the North. I'm saddened by the pitiful extent at which they have decided to destroy Anthony Karbo - a young gentleman from the North.

However, enemies are not God.

No weapon fashioned against Anthony Karbo shall prosper. Karbo will be cleansed to witness the jailing of the squandered squad of Brazil 2014.

The Lord is Karbo's strength.

Nana Ofori Kissi Ratina
Atiwa Writer