I am not against the fight against corruption. I am only surprised at the loose talks and the sheer hypocrisy being exhibited by a section of Ghanaians in the name Anas' #12

If you all will sit to really analyze and scrutinize yourselves, you would realise that we all fault one way or the other along the line.

Human's are vulnerable to the pitfalls of vanity. We however need to be guided by our thoughts.

If all Ghanaians are as clean as we portray today, then our country shouldn't be at where we are now.

Let's all bear the shame, change our attitudes and stop pointing fingers. Today, its a big man out there, tomorrow, it may be you. It may be unfortunate that the little bad things you do in secret may be detrimental to persons around you and the country even more than what we have seen today.

I am not on anyday and in anyway exonerating those in the news today. I'm only shocked at the hypocrisy being displayed.

Have we checked what we use our working ours for?
As a trader, have you considered how you inflate the prizes of your goods just to cheat your customer?

Have students thought of the various means they use to pass their exams?

What can't be said of our many pastors in the country today?

The journalist who in his thought is upright refuses to pay electricity and water bills in his home but trumpets what the politician has done to the world.
The football fan who is angry because he paid gate fee to watch a credible football match refused to stop when caught by the traffic's red light. The curious person who wants to watch #12 begged to be given 3 tickets at 5 cedis and boldly spoke about how he managed to sneak from the office to watch this revelation. Yes! that's how far we have come as humans and not as a country.

Ghana will advance if you change your attitude rather than talking about someone's attitude. We are all guilty and not just those who have been caught.

Our country needs a holistic change not blames and name calling.