Azumah Nelson On Why He Bought A Limousine

Doyen boxer Azumah Nelson turns 60 years on July 19 and as part of events leading up to the celebrations, he has been telling sports journalists about the highlights of his career including the reason why he decided to purchase a limousine.

Nelson in an interview with Kwese TV explained that he decided to splurge on the luxury vehicle which has a partition between the driver and the passenger compartment because he wanted to motivate all Ghanaian sportsmen to work hard.
When quizzed about whether he was the first to ride in a limousine on the streets of Accra, Nelson said he could not confirm that but to him, it signifies that ‘hard work pays’.

“I don’t know whether my limousine was the first limousine to come to Accra or Ghana but it’s something that when I saw it, I loved it I said oh, this car one day I will buy some, you know and I said if I buy this car to Ghana the people who are doing sports, it will encourage them to work hard because everybody likes beautiful things.

It will encourage them especially the children also who will say one day I will buy some. It’s still in very good condition”, he disclosed.