God Told Me I Will Be A World Champion - Azumah Nelson

Ghana and African boxing legend, Professor Azumah Nelson says he knew he was going to be great and have the world under his feet from the very onset of his career.

According to the boxing hall of famer, he had premonitions from God that he was destined for great things, and that kept him going even in the most turbulent of times as a young ambitious boxer.

Speaking on GhanaWeb Sports Check programme, Azumah, who is regarded as the most potent boxer to have come from Africa said those who wish to follow his footsteps should be ready to dedicate their lives to the sport and believe in the power of God.

Being Ghana's first Olympic gold medalist, Azumah said God promised to make him bigger if he remained steadfast and not allow himself to be distracted by fame and fortune.

"As soon as I started boxing I knew that I was going to become a world champion, because God told me already that he would make me a world champion and after that he would make me bigger than a world champion," Azumah Nelson told Ghanaweb TV.

Azumah Nelson who is a staunch Christian asserted that God transformed his humble lifestyle into a powerful force in the ring because of his dedication which culminated into an illustrious journey in the boxing profession.

"Everything I do I give it to God, because I knew he was the one directing me. People will say you are a humble person how come you are able to punch like that, but I tell them when the Holy Spirit takes control you will see."

The three-time world boxing champion assumed legendary status in his homeland Ghana and globally when he dominated the super featherweight division as a champion for more than10 years. He was subsequently inducted as the first African into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in the year 2004. Azumah Nelson, a respected statesman in his native Ghana, also established Azumah Nelson Foundation to help the young to realize their potential through education and sport.

Ahead of his 60th birthday later this month, Azumah Nelson will have another honour added to his countless accolades by the world’s premier boxing sanctioning body - The World Boxing Council (WBC).

The big milestone which falls on July 19, will officially be celebrated with a special edition Azumah Nelson fight night at Ghana’s main boxing promotional address, the Bukom Arena on July 21. The WBC, who has already bestowed the Best Super Featherweight of All Time honour on Azumah and Nicaraguan, Alexis Arguello, is expected to send a team to Accra to present the accolade, a release from the legends promotional has revealed.