YMCA Credited with some Lesser Known Sports

The Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) has been credited with the development and evolvement of some lesser known sports in the country. This is contained in the first issue of the YMCA Motivar 8 Newsletter, October-December 2009, a quarterly publication of the YMCA Ghana which said the Christian Association has been the father to some of the known sports. The phrase "Body Building", which is referred to in Ghana as "Macho" was first used in 1881 by staff at the Boston YMCA, according excepts of the publication picked by GNA Sports at Ho in the Volta Region. "In 1885-Professional football began at a YMCA in Latrobe, Pennsylvania when John Brailer was paid 10 plus expenses by the local YMCA to replace the injured quarterback on their American football team." The publication also credited the Massachusetts YMCA with the invention of Basketball, "in December 1891 to occupy a classroom of incorrigibles in between baseball and football seasons." In 1895 the Massachusetts YMCA again invented volleyball because staff wanted a less strenuous and sweaty activity for businessmen. Sissyball, later renamed softball was similarly invented by YMCA Denver in 1926. It was named Sissyball because the ball was bigger and softer and easier to hit than baseball, the publication said. In 1909 the YMCA Washington staff also invented Father's Day, it said. The YMCA was founded by Sir George Williams on 6th June, 1844 in the City of London.