Jehovah’s Witnesses Say ‘Thanks’

Mr. Jeff Hagan, Director of Research at the Ministry of Tourism has urged organizations latent on hosting large groups of visitors to the country for various programs to feel free in contacting the Ministry for assistance in hosting them. He made the call when the leadership of the Jehovah Witnesses, a Chairman Denomination, called at the Ministry to thank the Minister and staff for their support during the recent “Keep on the Watch” International Convention held in Ghana from December 3 to 6, 2009. Mr, Hagan who was also, the Chairman of the Convention’s Planning Committee observed that besides the revenue that such visitors bring into the country, it is the desire of the Ministry that people who come to Ghana leave with favourable impressions that could be passed on to other would be travelers to Ghana. Mr. Dan Obimpeh, a member of the Planning Committee of the Jehovah Witnesses told the Minister that the event was a resounding success adding that “many have expressed hear felt appreciation for the hospitality received". “To them the people in the country make a big difference. They are very satisfied and may have said they would want to visit Ghana again”, he said. The organizations included the Ghana Tourist Board, the Police MTTU, Ghana Airports Company, National Security, Immigration, Customs, National Sports Council, State Protocol, and Fire Service as well as the main ground handler, Enconex Locale Tours which took some of the delegates on a tour of the Mole National Park and other places. Meanwhile, Mr. Solomon Oppong of Enconex has suggested to the tourism authorities to construct a Rest Stop at Fulfuso Junction to cater for the needs of travelers from both the south and north as they branch off the main road towards the Mole Park.