RE- Double Track Is Senseless

The former President of our country John Dramani Mahama never ceases to amaze well meaning Ghanaians with his vitriolic attacks.

One would expect a former President to exude the posture of a statesman and proffer solutions and policy direction where need be but it looks like Mr. Mahama will always disappoint when subjected to a higher measure of expectation. He would rather do what even party foot soldiers consider inappropriate and wouldn’t do, all in a bid to get his name in the news. 

His recent attacks on the Free SHS flagship Policy that has brought relief to thousands of Ghanaian parents is unfathomable. “Double track is senseless “he said.

This comment is obviously preposterous, unwarranted, and repugnant and woefully takes a nosedive at the bar of constructive criticism. 

Admittedly, there may be a few challenges as we continue to take bold decisions, choose hope over our fears and remain committed to the principle of ‘leaving no child behind’

The Akufo-Addo led administration through innovativeness has today put several thousands of students in various second cycle institutions across the country at a zero fee to parents who hitherto had to helplessly watch the ambitions of their wards wash away due to the lack of the purchasing power. 

This government has taken critical decisions to boost both access and quality and posterity will definitely be the judge. Those close to the former President should kindly let him know that the Ministry of Education and the people of Ghana at large will appreciate some solutions or policy alternatives instead of throwing tantrums.

I will also like to take this opportunity to admonish all who have legitimate concerns to table them at the Ministry; we are committed to promoting higher academic standards.


Ministry Of Education PRO