We Will Soon Commence Business – Ayaalolo

Monitory Enforcement manager of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), popularly known as Aayalolo, Theodor Ocansey has revealed that management is working to put the Aayalolo buses back on road.

According to him, the company was running at a loss because there was no subsidy from Government to support their operations.

The rapid bus transport system have been grounded for some time over what they describe as fuel challenge.

Speaking on Okay FM’s Ade Akye Abia Programme, he reiterated that Aayalolo since its inception has been running as a private entity even though providing a social policy introduce by the erstwhile NDC government to ease congestion and traffic in the urban city.

“Public transport for the state should be heavily subsidized but unfortunately for us it was a different case. And so, whatever revenue that comes in from ticket sales was what was been used to run the service, administrative cost, overhead and workers salaries, he exlained.

He however indicated that, the situation had seen some improvement and so management has prepared a package for them to commence business but on review base.

“The whole operations have been reviewed by management and this time around everything will be new. We have cut off a lot of things in the system adding, we are coming in with  new strategies to run the operations,” he stressed.